Thursday, December 7, 2006

Welcome! And Show Me the Money!

TV is an important part of our family's life.

I admitted it. You need to admit it too. (Unless you don't own a TV.) (Why would you read this if you don't own a TV?)

Last night we needed the kids to chill the eff out, and we were so so so so so so tired of watching Christmas movies. So we did what we always do in that situation: watch a new wacky game show.

"Show Me the Money" is the triple threat: trivia, go-go dancers, and William Shatner! But the part that made me pee a little was the part where William effing Shatner disco dances with the first contestant. Oh my goodness. That was amazing!

Trivia questions: were challenging. I don't think I would win the big money on this show, although I did know that Lillian Hellman wrote Pentimento because I took "Women's Autobiographies" in college.

Game premise: Like Jeopardy only just one contestant at a time. And go-go dancers. Who are HOT and all have names!

Shatner: amazing. Perfect. But the kids say Howie Mandel (the host of Deal or No Deal) is better.

Will we watch again? Probably, especially if the TV offerings don't improve over the next few weeks.

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